Module RFuzz
In: lib/rfuzz/browser.rb

A very simple little class for doing some basic fast statistics sampling. You feed it either samples of numeric data you want measured or you call Sampler.tick to get it to add a time delta between the last time you called it. When you’re done either call sum, sumsq, n, min, max, mean or sd to get the information. The other option is to just call dump and see everything.

It does all of this very fast and doesn’t take up any memory since the samples are not stored but instead all the values are calculated on the fly.

Classes and Modules

Module RFuzz::HttpEncoding
Class RFuzz::Browser
Class RFuzz::HttpClient
Class RFuzz::HttpClientError
Class RFuzz::HttpResponse
Class RFuzz::Notifier
Class RFuzz::PushBackIO
Class RFuzz::RandomGenerator
Class RFuzz::Sampler
Class RFuzz::Session
Class RFuzz::StatsTracker