Module RFuzz::HttpEncoding
In: lib/rfuzz/client.rb

A mixin that has most of the HTTP encoding methods you need to work with the protocol. It’s used by HttpClient, but you can use it as well.



COOKIE = "Cookie"
FIELD_ENCODING = "%s: %s\r\n"

Public Instance methods

Converts a Hash of cookies to the appropriate simple cookie headers.

Encode HTTP header fields of "k: v\r\n"

Encodes the headers given in the hash returning a string you can use.

HTTP is kind of retarded that you have to specify a Host header, but if you include port 80 then further redirects will tack on the :80 which is annoying.

URL encodes a single k=v parameter.

Takes a query string and encodes it as a URL encoded set of key=value pairs with & separating them.

Escapes a URI.

Parses a query string by breaking it up at the ’&’ and ’;’ characters. You can also use this to parse cookies by changing the characters used in the second parameter (which defaults to ’&;’.

Unescapes a URI escaped string.