Class RFuzz::HttpResponse
In: lib/rfuzz/client.rb
Parent: Hash

A simple hash is returned for each request made by HttpClient with the headers that were given by the server for that request.



http_body  [RW]  The http body of the response, in the raw
http_chunk_size  [RW]  When parsing chunked encodings this is set
http_reason  [RW]  The reason returned in the http response ("OK","File not found",etc.)
http_status  [RW]  The status code (as a string!)
http_version  [RW]  The HTTP version returned.
raw_chunks  [RW]  The actual chunks taken from the chunked encoding

Public Instance methods

Converts the http_chunk_size string properly

Easier way to find out if this is a chunked encoding

true if this is the last chunk, nil otherwise (false)